GREEN transformation / Future

Taluminka is made of 100% recycled aluminium – aluminium at the end of its life cycle, which we at Talum, in cooperation with our partners, have enabled a new life cycle and purpose.

Aluminium = the green metal of the future 

As a durable, lightweight and infinitely recyclable material, aluminium is important in the transition to carbon neutrality. By reusing aluminium at the end of its life cycle (PCR material) in products for the packaging, transport and construction industries, we ensure all the sustainable components of this material - 3R (reduce - recycle - reuse). Circular economy, infinite recyclability without losing the positive properties of the material, and other advantages place this metal among green and environmentally friendly materials.

Aluminium = creative 

Creativity and innovation guide us in the development and introduction of new technologies and processes. The development of advanced aluminium alloys from recycled aluminium and processes for making products from it is a reflection of our high level of innovation and creativity of our employees. Innovation is a part of us and our daily work, but with creativity we address the challenges and give recycled aluminium a new purpose. 

Aluminium = smart 

We include all elements of Industry 4.0 and smart factory components in the process of collecting, processing and recycling aluminium. We know the structure and properties of aluminium and aluminium alloys, which are detected by advanced investigation methods. We track every kilogram of aluminium processed and we know when, in what way and with what properties it was produced. With the introduction of advanced technologies and tools, we are transforming into a smart factory with a high level of automation, robotization and digitization of processes. 

TALUMINKA should be your reminder to drink enough water every day. 

It is important to drink every hour. Even if you’re not thirsty, try to take at least a few sips. The general rule is to drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day.

Before first use, rinse the Taluminka well with warm water and a dishwashing detergent, rinse thoroughly and drain it. When not in use, keep the Taluminka empty and open. Taluminka should be washed by hand. The suitability for use of Taluminka for water has been confirmed by the National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food, under the record number 2131b-21/87905-21/85265.