Vision of the group Talum

With its vision, the group Talum has set very ambitious goals for the period from the year 2016 to 2018. With coordinated, energetically efficient and environment-friendly production and treatment of aluminium, we belong to a narrow range of the most efficient producers of electrolytic aluminium and aluminium alloys in the world. A significant foundation of our growth is the development of castings production. We do not deal only with low-pressure and gravity casting, but we have successfully entered a field of high-pressure casting. In a field of slugs and discs, regarding a tubes’ and containers’ programme, we rank among the biggest and technologically most progressive producers in the world.

Key strategic projects of the group Talum

  • To develop a treatment process and products with a higher added value on the basis of purchasing primary and waste aluminium,
  • to increase the size of production and the sale of slugs and discs up to 36.000 tons per year,
  • to establish the production of high-pressure casting and to fulfil capacities within four casting machines,
  • to optimise and upgrade energetic infrastructure for reliable long-term power supply of the consumers,
  • to establish the Research and Innovation Centre for performing systematic and target oriented research work,
  • to rationalise the business processes with purpose of increasing the efficiency of business and supporting processes,
  • to establish Talum’s school of knowledge in the field of personnel for ensuring a sufficient number of employees with appropriate knowledge.

Values of the group Talum

The values of the group Talum are reflected in a good atmosphere, satisfaction, employees’ enthusiasm, in our organizational culture, they motivate us to new achievements; they are the fuel, which pushes us forward. The values link up the employees because of joint goals – they give answers to the questions of who we are, where we are going and what we want. We realise our values also together with our owners, partners (customers, suppliers), broader and immediate environment; they are shown in our social responsibility.

Respect and trust represent the foundation of our operations. We have a respectful attitude towards co-workers, environment, owners, customers and suppliers. With great deal of reciprocal trust, we tend to realise our goals and we take care of the sustainable development.

We are open for changes in broader and immediate environment, including either innovations or approaches towards customers, owners and environment. This is shown in accepting different opinion, in being open for new (also “crazy”) ideas and suggestions, in accepting criticism, and in all correct and tolerant performances. We achieve all these with respectful attitude towards all participants and by involving our employees in making decisions and taking the responsibilities for them.

At work, we keep testing new methods and approaches. We perform this with great deal of energy, teamwork and by creating conditions, which enable us to recognise opportunities and quickly react to challenges.

Each one of us treats and manage the sources that we deal with as a prudent master. We are aware of the responsibility we have towards customers, owners, broader and immediate environment, and towards one another.

Competences, a wish to be educated and qualified in the field of work, care for a personal and professional development, and readiness to share the knowledge with the others in the company and outside of it. All these enable us to achieve the excellence at conquering new technologies and marketing approaches, at the responsible environmental treatment and as well at the attitude towards the co-workers.

With our own persistence – even stubbornness, endurance, courage and readiness for challenges of time, we do our best with our entire enthusiasm to realise our joint goals and to shape the future.

Policy of the group Talum

The group Talum consists of the companies, which deal with the production and process of primary aluminium and with the production of different aluminium products, and they perform a wide range of services for aluminium industry and other industrial branches. The sustainable development of the group Talum basis on enlarging the range and increasing a level of difficulty regarding the products and services, on improving productivity and efficiency, and on ensuring the highest possible quality with emphasis on safe and harmless work, environmental protection and on the efficient use of energy.

Basic principles of our policy are:

  • We commit ourselves to mainly consider the customers’ requirements and expectations at satisfying their wishes. On this basis, we want to build a long-term partnership and cooperation.
  • The quality is a driving force of all our activities. We will take care of the quality system operation, environmental treatment, safety and health at work, energy management, and of their continuous and systematic improvement.
  • We build our further development on the knowledge and innovation with which we also increase business successfulness of our customers.
  • Our future is defined by the quality of our own human resources. We will invest a lot of effort and means in informing and educating the employees and in motivating them. This will enable us to achieve the strategic goals. Within this purpose, we will support a healthy lifestyle of the employees and take care of their psychophysical and social condition.
  • We show an appropriate attitude towards our environment, safety and use of energy, and we show it in the broadest sense of the word. We will keep managing and preventing effects of our operation, products and services on the working and broader environment. We will keep preventing bigger accidents and we will take adequate measures to reduce their potential consequences. We will consider the policy of quality, environmental treatment, safety and health at work, and the policy of energy management within our operational activities. These goals must be in accordance with legal and other requirements, which the group agreed upon in regard with the development of economic policy and increased interested customers’ interest in problems connected with environment, safety, health, use of energy and balanced sustainable development.
  • We rationally and efficiently use natural sources and different kinds of energy per product’s unit. We monitor and control substances’ emissions into air and waters, we monitor and control noise and we adequately treat waste and chemicals, wherein we use input materials, which are less polluting and more energy-efficient.
  • We commit ourselves that we will adequately inform our customers, suppliers, employees, government institutions and the general public about our activities and directions.